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Marketing & Communication
We develop the digital brand experience according to the needs of each business

Each scenario and context need to be analyzed separately in order to get the most important parameters involved that conclude with the most appropriate communication strategy:

  • Content and context. Evaluation of own contents and benchmark of market and competitors.
  • Analysis of the user experience, identification of the needs of the final customer and, in general, consumer knowledge, segmentation and potential customer.
  • Inbound Marketing to generate own quality content that adds value to the user. This value accompanies the user in its contact with the brand and project.
  • Social media. Return on investment analysis. User feedback.
  • Referral marketing, reputation and influencers.
  • Multi-channel capturing and loyalty strategies.
  • Performance: social media advertising, SEM, retargeting, affiliation and other options.
  • Data analysis and adaptation of the strategy according to results and evolution. Monitoring of defined results, objectives and KPIs.

The goal is the definition, accompaniment and / or monitoring of a communication plan and / or marketing plan adapted to the real needs of each account, market and potential customers. The plan evolves in a way that is aligned with the market or context of the specific business model.

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