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Consulty. Business Strategy
Extensive experience in digital media and business

To correctly focus a project, we try to understand the sector, particularities and the involved processes. The context and data analysis helps us to correctly formulate solutions and share goals, concerns and successes with our clients.

Our team, formed by highly qualified profiles, has more than 15 years of professional experience in online and offline projects for different sectors (tourism, retail, health, education, etc.) and geographic locations (local, national and foreign) .

We accompany our clients in the definition of their digital product, digital strategy plans and business models. We are committed to analyze tangible, demonstrable and objective data to identify real business opportunities and create real expectations.

We make benchmarking and market & competitors analysis, and also we try to know and assimilate the processes of each project and sector to understand and be able to identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats for each case.

We consider all our clients and business models as our own projects and, based on experience and numerical and non-numerical analysis, we propose and try to contribute value to the global project. In the case that the initial approach is not adequate, we believe that it is important to detect it at the earliest stage in order to react and rephrase, adjust or discard as the case may be.

As important as the definition of a project is the follow-up and monitoring that allows, based on identified data, KPIs and objectives, to make decisions quickly and adapting, expanding or adjusting objectives according to behavioral evolution.

For us, one of the main objectives is to eliminate the waste of processes, approaches and workflows in order to obtain a clean and well-adjusted approach that, with a correct analysis of risks and other factors, solve in a project with high degree of business profitability.

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