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Grupo Barceló
Our experience with the digital tourist

The privileged location of our headquarters in Palma de Mallorca allow us to collaborate with the main companies in the tourism and hospitality sector. In todopatterson we know the needs, problems and processes linked to this sector.

The Balearic Islands bring together several leading tourism companies worldwide, as well as numerous other chains of different sizes, independent establishments and a multitude of companies and business models linked to the tourism sector.

An example of a leading company, with which we have the privilege to collaborate since 2006, is Grupo Barceló.
We have contributed in different business areas and departments as part of many interdisciplinary teams: from complete process and project management  since corrective and preventive maintenance.

Barceló is a multinational company which allows todopatterson to be part of multi-market teams distributed in different headquarters: Balearic Islands, Spain, Costa Rica, Mexico, Dominican Republic, USA, etc.

Main Barceló areas of collaboration:

  • Grupo Barceló
  • Barceló Hotel Group
  • Barceló Viajes
  • Plan B
  • Vacaciones Barceló
  • Barceló Weddings
  • Barceló Agents Rewards
  • Formentor Sunset Classics
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